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Lobachevsky State Medical University

Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod (UNN) is one of the largest universities in Russia, and was established in 1916. Over the years, UNN has come to be well regarded among Russian higher education institutions. Nizhny Novgorod is one of the largest industrial cities in Russia, with engineering and metal-fabricating industries playing a leading role in its development. UNN has been a long-time source of skilled workers for the industry since its establishment.

Successful partnerships with universities around the world are becoming an integral part of the university experience for many – to strengthen students knowledge and university research. UNN has forged successful partnerships with over 90 universities worldwide since 1991. UNN is currently carrying out several scientific projects, supported by the Russian Government, in an attempt to establish high quality research laboratories, develop promising scientific fields, and involve students in scientific research to encourage them to develop ideas of their own and make a contribution to academia and industry.

Why Study MBBS At Lobachevsky State University?

There are various reasons why you should choose Lobachevsky State University to study MBBS.
Some of the reasons are

  • Lobachevsky State University fees are low and the infrastructure of the university is really good

  • Lobachevsky State University fees can be easily searched online

  • Lobachevsky State University admission process is fast

  • Lobachevsky State University course duration is of 6 years which last year if for internship for better knowledge

  • Lobachevsky State University also provides a variety of sports to learn

  • There are highly qualified teachers in university and state medical university admission is also easy

  • There are professors from all highly trusted hospitals

  • Lobachevsky State University admission is beneficial because the university is the leader in medical training and postgraduate education retraining in the central region of Russia





Accreditation of a university is what makes it authentic and trust-worthy. When you study from a university, you need to make sure that the degree that you get is accepted at all places.

Advantages Of Study MBBS In Lobachevsky State University

  • Low Tuition Fee and Affordable Living Cost.

  • No Entrance Test for Admission.

  • MCI Screening Test.

  • Scholarship Opportunities.

  • Opportunity to Obtain Dual Diploma.

  • Easy for International Students to Adapt.

  • Advanced and Comfortable.

  • Study in English.

Duration of MBBS in Lobachevsky State Medical University

Duration of an undergraduate program especially MBBS in Russia is of 6 years including 1 year of apprenticeship and 5 years of classroom learning. The duration of MBBS is almost the same for every medical university in Russia. Russian medical universities are providing a great opportunity to work during your span of 6 years to get real-time experience exposure.

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