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Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University is one of the oldest medical higher school in Russia that is well known throughout the world. In 2016, the University celebrated its 110th anniversary.

We were the first organization in Russia that provided women with the opportunity to get higher medical education. We were the first in the world to establish a Faculty of Pediatrics that served as a model for creating such departments at other universities around the world. The School of Biomedicine, opened at our University in 1963, was also one of the first in the world.

Active participation in medical activities and the development of health care, constant support for scientific research and the introduction of innovations allow us to maintain a leading position in Russian medical education.

Today the University is a complex of educational, scientific and medical divisions and centers, offering educational programs of all levels in clinical medicine, biomedicine, psychology, social work and pharmacy.

Mission and vision of University


The main mission of the University is to train doctors, specialists whose duty is to protect, preserve and multiply the health of the nation. The University is closely linked to practical public health. It has bases in major urban hospitals, dispensaries and maternity homes. They are all equipped with modern medical equipment. Future doctors get hands-on clinical experience at these medical centers under the guidance of experienced teachers.

Our clinical and research centers and scientific research institutions allow us to provide multi-level training of doctors and scientists in the field of medicine and biomedicine, including training of English speaking students. Any one will have а unique opportunity to acquire hands on knowledge of how real patients are diagnosed, treated, operated and how they recover. Active participation in design and carrying out of therapy strategies for real patients at clinics under guidance of our senior professors is one of our distinctive competitive advantages.

Our alumni works not only in Russia, but also in numerous countries of the world including USA and countries of European Union.

All the years of existence, we develop new technologies for practical health care. We are actively working to introduce our innovations into clinical practice. Our students are early involved in scientific work. Many grow into leading specialists and directors of medical research institutes.

We believe that not only knowledge is important for future doctors. We pay a lot of attention to the development of professional skills, responsibility and non-indifference. The University Volunteer Center and the blood donation movement have repeatedly received commendations from the city and country authorities. Since 2108, we have been coordinating the work of the volunteer movement in all higher medical schools in Russia. In addition, we have introduced a system of tutoring and support for freshmen.

We will continue to be one of the leading medical universities in the country, providing excellent opportunities for education, research and medical care in Russia.




Accreditation of a university is what makes it authentic and trust-worthy. When you study from a university, you need to make sure that the degree that you get is accepted at all places.

Infrastructure of Pirogov National Medical University

The first lecture was convened on September 26, 1906, the primary graduation was in spring 1912. The course was incredibly popular. Accordingly, in 1906 medical personnel audience numbered to 206 communities, in 1907–1908 years this number improved to 285 people. The doorway competition equaled 8.5 people per position. At the start of 1917, the medical faculty of the Courses studied around 1060 students.

During its survival, the University has equipped quite 70,000 doctors who satisfied and still complete their professional duty altogether in parts of Russia and abroad. The achievements of the RSMU are the involvement of several generations of professors, lecturers, researchers, students, administration and force. The Scheme of the University presently and in future is to be a capable beneficiary of the honour and recognition of the earlier generations and to proceed and enhance the University’s good traditions.

Pirogov National Medical University provides library facilities to the scholars. The library was established within the year 1906, it's located on the school campus. It consists of seven ,50,000 volumes of books. Also, the library is connected with an internet facility for the advantage of the scholars. Also, it provides e-journal & e-book access to the scholars. This library consists of 12,15,000 numbers of scientific literature and 1,71,000 numbers of the textbooks with 6,48,000 thousand fictional books.

Duration of MBBS in Pirogov MEDICAL UNIVERSITY

The Pirogov Medical University  provides for a 6 year medical course. It attracts medical aspirants from countries worldwide looking for admission to the 6-Year MBBS in Russia program

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