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Pacific State Medical University is a personal college positioned in Vladivostok, Russia. The college turned based on September 1, 1958. Pacific State Medical University is the main MBBS college in Russia and affords a high-satisfactory great Education with a low price structure. The college is the high-satisfactory desire for the global college students searching for a shiny destiny in scientific science. Pacific State Medical University is one of the Top Medical universities in Russia. The University has ended up the most effective institute to offer training withinside the Medical Prophylactic discipline among the colleges of the Far East. This University is a great preference for college kids looking for a destiny in scientific Science.

PSMU is a numerous clinical and academic group that consists of 10 schools and sixty-seven departments, using eighty-five medical doctors and 285 applicants of science. The college held an internship, residency, graduate school, the gadget of pre-college schooling, and post-graduate unique schooling enhancing gadget, that makes it feasible to attain any scientific profession. Sufficiently large hyperlinks hooked up with the colleges of China, Japan, South Korea, and the US, permit to take getting ready guides for college students and instructors that enhance the mastering manner and accentuate the studies sports of the college.

Why Study MBBS At Pacific State Medical University?

The reasons why one should pursue MBBS at Pacific State Medical University are as follows:

  • Pacific State Medical University offers students from all over the world a high level of education.

  • The students taking MBBS at Pacific State Medical University receive an affordable fee structure.

  • Pacific State Medical University's admissions process is very simple.

  • Pacific State Medical University is NMC and WHO approved.

  • Pacific State Medical University's MBBS degree is recognized worldwide and students can practice in the country of their choice.

  • The cost of living in the city is quite affordable for students from all over the world.

  • The MBBS teaching medium at Pacific State Medical University is English.

  • The university maintains international collaborations with other nations.

  • Pacific State Medical University offers world class accommodations.

  • Well-equipped infrastructure at Pacific State Medical University.

  • Availability of modern educational institutions.





Accreditation of a university is what makes it authentic and trust-worthy. When you study from a university, you need to make sure that the degree that you get is accepted at all places.

Advantages Of Study MBBS In Pacific State Medical University

  • Admission to Pacific State Medical College is Fast.

  • Pacific State Medical College Admission Details can be found online and Pacific State Medical College Admission Process is Fast

  • Pacific State Medical University Fees are Low and Infrastructure with Good Faculty who are highly skilled.

  • Pacific State Medical College fees are affordable for students from an average income family.

  • Pacific State Medical College ranks in the Top 10,000 Colleges for MBBS in the World

  • Pacific State Medical University teaches English because one it doesn't have to study the language of a country for a year

  • Pacific State Medical University is recognized by MCI and WHO because after passing the screening test one can practice anywhere in the world including India

  • Pacific State Medical University course lasts 5 years after one year internship is compulsory and divided into 6 semesters

  • There is a hospital for clinical practice at the Pacific State College of Medicine

  • Indian students have the opportunity to participate in study programs research under the guidance of professors and senior professors during MBBS in Russia.

  • Pacific State Medical College also has a dormitory Hostel Pacific State Medical College fees are low Hostel is well furnished and very clean and well maintained.


Duration of an undergraduate program especially MBBS in Russia is of 6 years including 1 year of apprenticeship and 5 years of classroom learning. The duration of MBBS is almost the same for every medical university in Russia. Russian medical universities are providing a great opportunity to work during your span of 6 years to get real-time experience exposure.

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