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Crimea State Medical University is a university established in Russia in 1931. Direct admissions at Crimea State Medical University begin in May every year. Apart from fully equipped with modern facilities, the faculties in the University are famous for their affordable Crimea State Medical University fee structure. Admissions in Crimea State Medical University are possible after you pass the checkpoints provided in the eligibility criteria by the authorities of the university.

About Simferopol


Crimea State Medical University is situated in the Crimean Peninsula. This peninsula is located in the black sea of Eastern Europe. The northern coast of this sea is the house to the beautiful city which serves as an important commercial hub for Russia and Ukraine as well.

The city of Simferopol has good political and transport connections. The city is also home to the Crimean Bridge, the longest running bridge in Europe. The city is, however, out of all higher educational institute is known for Crimea State Medical University.


There are several benefits to studying MBBS Russia at Crimea State Medical University (now known as Crimea Federal University).


• Crimea State Medical University is a government university and one of the best medical colleges in Russia teaching fully in English.


• Crimea Federal University is MCI approved medical college in Russia (Sr. No. 10).


• The highest passing ratio in MCI Screening Test in 2020. Around 40% students passed in the first attempt! The ratio among MEDICOS ABROAD students was more than 75%! Go for it.


• The university has 100 years of dedicated medical studies being taught to thousands of graduates in the past. The university has teaching experience of 19 years to teach in

the English language.


 • The entire program taught at Crimea Federal University is fully in English. You also have an opportunity to study medical in Russian at half the cost. Most of the Russian universities still teach in bilingual such as 3 years in English and 3 years in Russian.

• The university offers a dedicated Indian mess at a very low cost of only USD 100 per month for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Both the options of north Indian food and South Indian food plans are available. This saves a huge time for the Indian students since most of the other Russia MBBS colleges do not offer Indian food facilities. This forces the students to spend huge time for the self-cooking options.


Indian students having average academic scores such as 70% in Chemistry / Biology / English are eligible to apply to Crimea Federal University. They get the high-quality education at low fees MBBS in Russia programs by taking admission to Crimea university. You can easily apply online via MEDICOS ABROAD since 50 Seats are blocked for 2020 at Crimea State Medical University. It is relatively difficult to get admission to the University of Crimea since it has the largest number of MBBS seats in Russia.

Admission at Crimea State Medical University

Crimea State Medical University Ranking in the world stands at 5279. With impressive and well-trained faculties and 54 departments, the Crimea State Medical University is on the further rising path of rankings of the universities of the world. However, if you have queries, you can contact MEDICOS ABROAD. Crimea State Medical University admissions begins from march mid onwards for international students.


Direct admissions to Crimea State Medical University require passing the NEET examination with adequate cut-off marks and a seventy percentage aggregate in the subjects of Chemistry and Biology.

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